Monthly Archives: January 2011

For years we have kept everything that Annabelle, my daughter, has ever worn.  She has quite the wardrobe – with her Mommy being a child photographer, I rarely buy anything that would not photograph well.  We have been keeping it … Continue reading

We ended our year, needing a much needed break.  We decided to drive to my family’s home in New Mexico for Christmas.  It was awesome!  We got there a few days before Christmas and spent the next few days working … Continue reading

On our second full day in Wisconsin, we headed out to a pioneer village for a Civil War reenactment.  I must admit, I have always wondered why people would waste their weekend reenacting something in the past.  But after going, … Continue reading

This year my grandmother turned 95 years old.  We decided to take the children for a long weekend to Wisconsin to see her.   It was October and it was amazing!  If you have never been to Wisconsin or that … Continue reading

Each summer we spend a good amount of time at the beach.  I shoot almost every night, but get to spend the days with my family.  It is a laid back, wonderful way to spend the summer and it allows … Continue reading

I firmly believe in the importance of documenting your life.  First of all, we never know how many days we get in this life, and it is important to have the time you spend on this Earth well documented.  I … Continue reading

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